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The Jiangsu Linhai Power Machinery Corporation (Linhai China) was established in 1956 and is that country's oldest small engine manufacturer in what is now the world's largest motorcycle manufacturing country in the world. Linhai has a close relationship with Yamaha, including several joint ventures in the manufacturing of motorcycles, scooters, engines and generators. These products are distributed worldwide under the Yamaha brand. This sharing of technology and manufacturing expertise has led to Linhai being recognized as the leading Power Sports manufacturer in China. For more than 50 years Linhai has been designing and manufacturing engines and vehicles for commercial and industrial use. Thirty years ago, they began developing a line of motor scooters for consumer use. Their ATVs have been on the market for eight years followed by their Utility Vehicles three years ago. Linhai China has almost 50 years of experience in the design, development and production of internal combustion engines and their application to motor tools and motor vehicles. Currently, Linhai China employ around 1600 workers, 400 of which are highly trained technicians and engineers with a high level of specialisation and professionalism. Linhai China's operations are located throughout China and produce 3,000,000 crankshafts, 1,500,000 engines and 750,000 motorcycles and scooters per year. LINHAI China has a commitment to quality and has invested heavily in state of the art production equipment including: - American HAAS CNC milling machines. - British crankshaft forging presses. - German crankshaft grinders & diecasting machines. - Japanese heat treatment furnaces & quality systems. The research and development facilities of Linhai China are equally as impressive and the factory currently boasts: (1) A world standard metallurgical and materials laboratories which conducts ongoing physical and chemical analysis on both raw and finished materials. (2) A product development department which is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM system technology. (3) A research and development department equipped with leading technology experimentation and testing rooms. (4) A central laboratory of over 1000 square meters which is equipped with five testing rooms including test benches for 3 to 44 kw engines, a department especially devoted to motor endurance testing and two work rooms devised for component quality control. In 1999 the company was awarded the I.S.O. 9002 certification which guarantees the quality and the safety of Linhai's products. Linhai China currently exports its range of products to a number of foreign markets including South East Asia, Africa, Europe, the USA and Australia.

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